We Envision A Future With No Endangered Species And No Ocean Plastic. The SoleMate Project TAKE ACTION

Making Wildlife Art, Not Killing Wildlife

Our new wildlife art campaign, The SoleMate Project, will create 200 flip flop large-size replicas of the Earth’s vulnerable and endangered species and place them in different locations around the world.  In 2022, on Endangered Species Day, we will launch our virtual Flip Flop Wildlife Museum to showcase The SoleMate Project flip flop art and the impact you have contributed toward the species.

We have seen the vulnerable and endangered species list increase rapidly year-on-year due to the deterioration of the Earth’s health by many factors: climate change, pollution, human intervention, illegal poaching and habitat loss due to population growth. It is time to take action!

The SoleMate Project will:

  1. Bring awareness to the Earth’s flip flop pollution;
  2. Draw attention to the plight of our most vulnerable and endangered species;
  3. Help us support our Kenyan artisans and their families; and
  4. Donate 50% of your contributions to wildlife conservation organisations.

Now more than ever, our wildlife needs us to make wildlife art, not kill wildlife.

The SoleMate Project will allow us to transform tens of millions of flip-flops we collect off Kenyan beaches and waterways into large scale art. Our first collection of species are ready to be sculpted and sponsored by YOU! Every few months, we will release the next set of species. You can learn more about them here and collect them over time.

See our official partners below.  Your contributions are going to make a huge impact on their conservation efforts.


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