Our Purpose

Ocean Sole Africa was born from an impossible idea: creating social and economic opportunities out of the millions of tons of plastic waste collected from the Indian Ocean and Kenya’s waterways. Over the years, we have done this through multiple fronts: making up-cycled art for financial support, creating employment opportunities in high impact areas, hosting educational workshops, and cleaning beaches. In turn, the profits from our art sales go directly to marine and wildlife conservation programs.

We were established to achieve the following:

  1. To improve the living conditions for people in high-impact areas by providing basic training, employment and business opportunities in waste collection and recycling/up-cycling initiatives.
  2. To inspire and engage communities about plastic waste and inspire communities to contribute towards the circular economy.
  3. To collaborate with universities, governments, social enterprises and other academic institutions to raise awareness about plastic pollution.
  4. To forge strategic partnerships to increase our impact across other coastal communities by establishing more impact factories and creating more employment.
  5. To partner with marine conservationists to research science-based solutions for a healthier ocean and the wildlife and communities that depend on it.
Ladies on Kiwayu Island in the Pacific Ocean, off the east coast of Kenya. Villagers on the island have created toys  and jewelry out of the flip-flop pollution on Kiwayu.  The ladies have created a business that is a good source of income for the island. Pictured here are beaded curtains that have been purchased by Ocean Sole to sell.


Our Ocean Sole Family

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Founder & CEO

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Program Manager

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Francis Muvau

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USA Operations

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Marketing & Communications


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